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Engineering | Nanophotonics Lab


Optical Characterization

There are 3 micro-photoluminescence (PL) and 1 micro-Raman setup in Ning’s optical lab. The micro-PL setups, which are capable of PL measurements in the wavelength range from 300 nm to 5 µms range. The systems are mainly used for optical characterization of nanostructures samples. In all setups, both room-temperature and low temperature measurements (i.e., 4 K to 300 K) can be carried out and are equipped with imaging systems to view the nanostructures.

NIR Micro-PL Measurement

This system shares the same pump source and detection system as the IR micro-PL setup. In here, a modified microscope is used to collect the light from the samples. Basically, there is a choice of 3 Mitutoyo objective lens (5×, NIR 50× and NIR 100×) for viewing the samples. The system can also have an InGaAs camera attached to the microscope for the imaging of the nanostructures on the computer. The main detector used is the InGaAs array detector.

Laser Light Deliver System

Laser light deliver system can deliver light from different lasers to UV, NIR, or IR Micro-PL system.