Research Assistant Positions

The Nanophotonics Group in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering seeks qualified domestic and international applicants for Graduate Research Assistant positions. Superior credentials are required. Outstanding students with bachelor's degrees may apply directly to the Ph.D. Program. We have strong research programs in the areas of Theory, Modeling and Simulation of optoelectronic devices, Semiconductor Nanowires (Growth and Characterizations), Semiconductor Nanophotonics device fabrication and processing. Hands-on experience in any of these areas will be a big plus although not required. We especially enourage domestic students and those from the underrepresented minority communities.

Graduate Research Fellowship from Science Foundation of Arizona

We are seeking outstanding domestic and international applicants for the Graduate Research Fellowship Program ( This program is designed to challenge Arizona’s research-performing institution’s leadership to transform competent graduate programs into world-competitive programs. SFAz will award a scholarship of up to $50,000 for each student designated an SFAz Graduate Fellow. Up to 80 first-year science, math and engineering top graduate students nationally and internationally will be supported. The Ning's Nanophotonics group is currently the home of one winners, who received the award in 2007. Only PhD students qualify.


Postdoc Research Associate/Scientist/Research Professor

We have ocassionally positions for Postdoc research Associate, Research Scientist, or Reserach Professor in the area of semiconductor nanophotonics including modeling and simulation, growth and characterization of nanomaterials, fabrication and processing of nanophotonic devices. Interested applicants should send CV and Publicaiton list to Prof. Ning.