Dr. Martin Hill of Eidhoven University of Technology, Netherland has joined our group as a Visiting Research Professor, since March, 2008, working in nanolaser fabrication.



We are seeking outstanding domestic and international applicants for the Graduate Research Fellowship Program ( This program is designed to challenge Arizona’s research-performing institution’s leadership to transform competent graduate programs into world-competitive programs. SFAz will award a scholarship of up to $50,000 for each student designated an SFAz Graduate Fellow. Up to 80 first-year science, math and engineering top graduate students nationally and internationally will be supported. The Ning's Nanophotonics group is currently the home of one winners, who received the award in 2007. Only PhD students qualify.



Our group has welcomed the following new members: Three postdoctoral research associates and two Ph.D graduate students.



As part of team led by Prof. Zhang from ASU E.E. department, our group has won an award from the Science Foundation of Arizona to develop novel ultra-high efficiency solar cells using semiconductor heterostructures and nanowires. The team consists of faculty members and researchers from ASU and UA.


Prof. Ning was awarded IEEE/LEOS Distinguished Lecturer.


DARPA Award: Prof. Ning was part of a team led by Peidong Yang of UC Berkeley that won DARPA NACHOS Program funding. Prof. Ning is awarded $1,300K over next 4 years to develop plasmonic nanolaser. Other team members are from UC Berkeley, Lawrance Berkeley National Lab and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne



Our group has welcomed the first member, Dr. Eunice Leong, a postdoctal reseach associate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.



The Electrical Engineering graduate program at ASU continues to improve its ranking in the annual survey by US News, moving up to 26th in 2007 from 29th in 2006 and 37th in 2005. ASU is now tied with Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Ohio State, and North Carolina State.